Jun 10, 2011

Casey Anthony Letters State Chloroform Use!

The dozens of letters Casey Anthony
wrote to another jail inmate were
released Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators say they contain damaging evidence
against her, but Casey's defense team say they
are not afraid of what's in them.

Casey Anthony Letters State Chloroform Use!

In the letters, Casey Anthony told inmate
Robyn Adams that Caylee Anthony had trouble
sleeping and she had to use chloroform to put
her to sleep. Also, Casey Anthony implied to
Robyn Adams that her mother, Cindy Anthony, brought
chloroform home from the clinic where she worked.

Also in the letters, Casey Anthony told Adams that
she had been sexually abused by both her brother, Lee
Anthony, and her father, George Anthony. Casey said that
Lee had sexual intercourse with her until she was 15 and
claimed that she was molested by George when she was
younger, but did not elaborate further.

An Orlando judge ruled late Wednesday that controversial
chloroform evidence can be presented to the jury
at Casey Anthony’s upcoming murder trial. An expert
in the field of human decomposition said the amount of
chloroform found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s
car was 10,000 times more than he would expect to see.

The defense wanted the evidence tossed out, saying
the methods used were flawed.


cderrick said...

Every word that comes out of her mouth are lies!

Kayleigh Erin S said...

I wish the chloroform letter had been admissable as evidence... Maybe it would have swayed the jury. =(

Anonymous said...

How sad that anyone believes anything Casey says. I can't imagine paying any amount of money, if there ever is a book, for lies. I pray that she ask for God's forgiveness. And God Bless Caylee.